Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chetco Grange Farmer's Market

My table at the farmer's market: wool bags, .25 cent cookies,
sherry cake and kale biscuits on sale!
Wednesday, June 22, 2011
My first day at the Farmer's Market was quite fun and VERY chilly. Of course I got there at 8:30am, almost two hours before the market opens, to set-up; Kathleen and her husband Rich were the only other vendors there. It took me exactly thirty minutes to get everything out of the car and arranged just the way I planned it in my garage at home. That's the beauty of being prepared, the only thing was now I had nothing to do except stand there and wait, which I'm good at; only I was fra...fra...freezing. All week it was sunny and bright EXCEPT this day, which was overcast, cold and windy. Normally, this is my kind of weather, but as I stood there waiting for the marketers to arrive I started to shiver uncontrollably. My sweet man volunteered to go back home and bring me my big, snuggly UGG boots, a hat and a less fashionable, more functional coat. So much for looking cute!

Sue, my crocheting buddy.
As I waited for my knight in shining armor to return, I began to shuck it up with the lady next to me - Sue, she crochets hats. Before I knew it I forgot all about the cold. Sue is originally from LA, "Who isn't," an elderly man said, while he walked nearer to our conversation. "Want to try on a hat?" Sue asked automatically, smiling. The man just looked at her; he wanted to flirt more than buy I think.  She enthusiastically explained her hats, which he liked, bought some of my cookies for .25 cents each, winked and left. Then Sue and I resumed our conversation without missing a beat: Mother of seven with thirteen grand children, she and her husband live in the retired estates trailer park up the Chetco River. She joked that she was there to make enough gas money to drive to Sacramento and back - to attend her son's wedding. Sue's great; she taught me how to crochet a "popcorn" stitch, plus she loved my bag designs. Last year she bought a hundred zippers at a close-out sale and never knew what she was going to do with them. Now she knows.

When Tony came back with my UGGs I flung off my converse like an ex-boyfriend and slid my icy feet into Lamb-ikins, moaning with pleasure. I saw Tony looking around quickly, wanting to make sure I wasn't making a spectacle of myself for anyone but him and Sue. Luckily, all that surrounded us was the mist, which gently blew in our faces from the distant ocean. We may have been freezing, but we had the best view on the lot!

Many of my fellow vendors were very nice and welcoming to me. Some were too busy selling to come over and say hello to the new girl, which was totally fine with me; I went to all of them, but then I ended up buying more than I sold. Rich, who sells ~30 varietals of mushrooms told me that's how it is at first. Sven, who sells herbal teas and jewelry with his wife was by far the coolest dude to welcome G.F.M.G. He was so fun to talk to! He invited me and Tony to go shooting muskets at a range specifically designed for firing antique weapons. He also enjoys RPGs. Hmmmm....

At around 2:00 the sun made an appearance - an hour before the market closed, which was better than not showing up at all. Tony came back to help me close with Micky, who was panting and bug eyed as they walked towards me through the market. My heart leapt as usual when I saw Tony. We decided to hang out a bit longer than the rest of the vendors, who were already closing up for the day. That's when several dogs arrived to the market and visited my table with their owners. I gave out kale doggie biscuits to everyone and ended up selling some too. Two women bought them to eat, which was cool. They're tasty little biscuits!

My favorite buddy was a rescue named Turner; his owner was the sweetest elderly lady. She asked me if I had water for her little man, so I filled up my thermos cup and gave it to him with a biscuit on the side. He ate the biscuit, but I think he was afraid of getting cooties from my cup.

Next week I'll bring a water bowl...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girl Friday Makes Good...Bags...Have Arrived

The Perfect Bag for Any Job

Ladies and Gentlemen they have arrived. An entire line of bags modeled from my original Girl Friday bag that was created while working in San Francisco's Union Square. It's fitting that this little gem was created in the greatest Noir city of all, where The Maltese Falcon was filmed. I think Effie would be pleased, I know I am.

GFMG website: http://www.girlfridaymakesgood.com

Or you can skip my humble website and go straight to FB: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002317967429

I'm also setting up shop on Etsy.com!

Your Girl Friday,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rebuilding in Progress

I am excited to report that this summer Yours Truly will be sporting her very own booth every Wednesday at the Farmer's Market at the Grange in Brookings. I so admired the women and men who sold their goods last year - rain or shine - that I only dreamt of becoming one of them. Yesterday, I spoke to the wonderful Kathleen, who was so welcoming to me. Her openness and sincere nature was incredibly refreshing, and appreciated since I was a nervous reck asking if I could join them. When she said sure I almost hugged her, but refrained, I didn't want to scare her.  I love hugs. 

So, last night T and I hit Freddy's and bought my rig, which was a lot more expensive than I thought it was going to be. A month at the market and I'm sure it'll pay itself off. My bags are almost 100% complete and ready to sell. Don't worry, I'll be ready by the 22nd, even if I have to stay up until 3am every morning working on them. Actually, that won't be necessary, a few of them only need their cute signature bow, and my sweet husband found the most adorable tags to go inside of each gem at Wright's Creative Arts store in Crescent City. Thank you honey!

It was pouring last night, so we set-up the entire 10'x10' rig inside of the garage that way I could plan exactly how my booth is going to look. Then this morning I cut out my G.F.M.G letters, which I will attach onto my quick shade canopy. Not sure if I should sew them on or glue stick them. What am I saying? Of course I should sew them on, especially since this lovely town has a propensity for wind and rain. And like Kathleen said, "Unless a 20' tsunami hits, we'll be here!" Love it.

Along with handmade wool bags, I'm going to offer Micky's Kale Doggie Biscuits. I figure I'll bake 10 dozen and see if people buy them; if not Mick will be like a pig in poop. Also, Kathleen said baked goods for human consumption sell well and bring people to the market. How'd she know I could bake? (Maybe it was the chocolate in the corners of my mouth from the dark chocolate covered blueberries I was eating before I approached her.) I think I'll whip up two of Sydney's sherry bundt cakes and sell them by the slice. I procured Sydney's recipe when we worked together at Abbott's Pharmacy. She was a great lady; reminded me a little of Colleen Duhurst. They both had the same sexy, confident, been there done that swagger.

Tony's so jealous. He's been asking me to make Sydney's sherry cake for years, but I only make it on special occasions -it's sinfully fattening and delicious - "A girl's gotta to draw the line somewhere!" I'm not rushing to look like my adorable, albeit plump grandma Valerio. Perhaps it's inevitable. My mother said one day that I had her hunch. Hmmm. Oh well, at least I also have her love for all things French, and I keep a drawer of dried bread just like her, which I never knew she did until my mum told me. Now that was a neat discovery. We both enjoyed feeding the ducks on Lake Merritt, and having fresh bread crumbs on hand is always nice when making turkey loaf or stuffing a small chicken.

Truthfully, I'm grateful for this opportunity to sell my wares at the Farmer's Market every week. I cannot tell you how much I need it. My boy's leaving left a mighty big hole in my heart that I can only seem to fill with busy work, which is fine for now.

Who knows, this could be the start of something big. I'm ready and willing for something big. I'll keep you posted on the adventures that will most definitely ensue this new venture.  

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brick by Brick

I looked at the calendar today and can no longer see the day my boy passed away. Minutes, hours, days go by quickly; I'm keeping busy. This is a time of rebuilding for me and my sweet husband. We talk constantly about our feelings and we're focusing on our future together - without Sailor physically in it. We both know he will live in our hearts and minds forever, and every toast we make will be to our boy. We even put an offer on a house, which I hope they accept.

Moving would help greatly, that way everywhere I look I don't see the boy's face gazing up at me: in the sun spots, on the couch, in his bed, in the kitchen, while I use the restroom, when I get out of the shower, in the back yard, in the front, while I sit here typing. He was always near me, waiting for my next move. Now I'm the one waiting. For the days to pass so I can rebuild my life.

Every day I lay the foundation for a healthy, joyful life of service and love. I have to. I can't help thinking of that cheesy new age mantra, "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better."

Thanks to the love and prayers from mom, friends, and family, I am.