Saturday, March 19, 2011

Origins of The Bag...Part 2

    The effect of the bag on canines and homo sapiens alike!

The first time I broke out my creation was on Christmas Day, 2007. My sister grabbed it wide eyed and said, "Did you make this?!" I smiled. "I want it!" She said, holding it possessively to her bosom. I tilted my head and thought, I should give it to her. Then I realized, I couldn't part with my bag for the world. "I'll make you one." I said instead. She smiled hopefully. 

A few months later my Mum spied the bag and actually said, "Will you give this to me? I love it." Uhg! How can I say NO to the woman who bore me into this world? Somehow I squirmed my way out of giving it to her without saying no. (I finally made her one and gave it to her last Christmas.) 

Years later I was having dinner at Sodini's in North Beach with my cousin, and I didn't want to bring a purse, so I just brought the bag. It's the perfect size for my necessities: cell phone, keys, glasses, lipstick, powder, mirror, my little aspirin tin, bobby-pins, finger nail file, money, I.D. All neatly zipped up with the beautiful plump of Marilyn Monroe in a sweater. When we sat down I placed it on the table and she said almost sadly, "I have always coveted your little knit bag." "Crocheted." I softly corrected her. This is a woman who I admire to no end. She has survived so much in her 32 years, is an amazing mother to my 8 year old cousin with disabilities, and she has the most beautiful skin I have ever encountered.

"I'll make you one." I said, smiling humbly. "No you won't. You said that before." I was petrified. After a heartfelt apology, I promised that she would have one within the year. She nodded politely, but I could tell she didn't believe me. I made her a bag and gave it to her at Tony's birthday dinner last December. She squealed with delight when she opened the wrap and filled it up with items she had with her. Then we placed our bags together on the table for a photo op.

These are just a few examples of the affect my little bag has on people, and I could give many more! Like the time we were invited to a local church's spaghetti dinner, to hear comedian Mark Gungor speak. I had just taken too big a bite of my pasta (pig that I am) when a woman from across the table snatched up my bag and said, "Did you make this?!" Swallowing hard, I nodded smiling politely, with sauce on my lips. "It's cute." She said rather enviously, glancing at her heavy leather Coach bag. Then hesitantly she put my bag back where she found it. Wow I thought, even church goers are crazy for the bag. So, I decided six months ago to start my own line of G.F.M.G. bags, called Sailor Bags in honor of my boy Sailor. I'm still working on a tag/logo to go inside of each, but I've crocheted about fifteen so far and half have their zippers. It's not cheap creating these little bundles of joy, but I'm looking at it as an investment. 

I can't wait to put them on or I can sell them down at the Harbor this summer. Either way, I look forward to spreading the joy my little bag gives me, to others. And the dough wouldn't hurt either. 


  1. I want to assure you that I do have a life outside of blog stalking.. but I have been injured and cannot do much else for a while, so this works.
    And... I want one. A bag that is. I think it is exactly the sort of thing my life has been missing. You sold me on it when you said, "the beautiful plump of Marilyn Monroe in a sweater". Perfect. I'm so excited for you.
    P.S. could you make one in like an avocado-y color?? Because I would probably buy it :-)

  2. I love your blog and the way you write! (Thanks for introducing me to the Thin Man movies. Love them!) I am not a "bag/purse" person in the least bit, but you've got me wanting one so much that if you had a buy button next to your post, I would have clicked and bought. :)

  3. Hmmm...considering I was the first one to admire your little bag, and the first one you said you would make a bag for...I don't quite understand how mum and cuz got one before me?!

    your unrequited sister ~

  4. I need to announce publicly that I absolutely love the little grey bag you gave me for Christmas. Every time I open it I think lovingly of you. Not only is it unique and very well made, it also keeps my "special" little things organized nicely in my purse so I can find them easily without fretting. This is a really BIG thing for me. It is one of a kind and I will treasure my little bag forever. Thank you for making it...... and for giving it to me!
    I love you.....and miss you. MOM